The 5th and 6th Dimensions Explained

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The Fifth Dimension:
Color-Blue Shape-Cube
At this point the consciousness, having begun to re-awaken to the mysteries of creation, desires to gain wisdom and experience of the Creator. The consciousness seeks to fully experience itself as a Co-Creator of its own holographic reality in partnership with the Creator.

The Star Tetrahedron of the fourth level transmutes to theCube or Cubecahedron, and the color frequency is Blue.

The consciousness that wishes to move to the fifth-dimensional level is, again, guided in its search by the Higher Self and the Angelic Guides. Here the being encounters the various teachers and wisdom schools, both on the third dimension and higher. Third dimensional sources include books, workshops, teachers, while fifth dimensional sources may be channelled via a third dimensional teacher.

At this level the student consciousness is expected to show discernment. There are some schools and teachings which are not fully integrated into the Law of One, and seek to gain control and power over others because of the fears that still exist unacknowledged at the ego/shadow level. Those who work in 5D are often more intensely confronted with shadow energy than at other levels.

At this level the consciousness is taught the principles of duality: Yin/Yang, and comes to understand that shadow/dark is merely undeveloped potential. Most wisdom traditions teach that Light/Consciousness comes out of Dark/Unconsciousness, and that the one cannot exist without the other. There is a constant "pulse" between the two energies, also known as "Eros" and "thanatos" - or the life wish and the death wish. The master consciousness learns to hold these two impulses in balance. The principle of Non-judgement applies here. Contrary to what is taught by religious controlling bodies - there is no judgement attached to the "dark". The Law of One teaches that all is of the Creator - hence light and dark are equally aspects of the creator and need to be experienced as such, without judgement. The point is not to swing into light only- where one would need another person to carry the projected dark - or into dark, where the destructive and negative energies are uppermost and the light is lost. Finding the balance is the goal of the initiate or student consciousness, not ignoring the dark to migrate into "love and light" which can be dangerous since it creates elitism and separation consciousness, and ultimately, conflict.

To fully gain the mastery of the Fifth Dimension the student consciousness must master what the ancient Egyptian Wisdom Master Thoth/Hermes called the Ogdoad and the Ennead.

The Ogdoad - or the principle of the Eight - can be briefly summarised as a knowledge of the creative principles of energy, light, sound, color and sacred geometry. These are the basic principles of creation - which as fractal mathematics suggests - are repeated ad infinitum throughout the Universe - "as above so below".

The Ennead - or principle of the Nine - also refers to creation dynamics. Here the Nine Principles include knowledge of the Four elements - Fire, Water, Air and Earth- and of the laws of magnetism and resonance that apply when the One becomes the Many. When these lessons are mastered the consciousness fully experiences the Law of the One and the Many, and the Many and the One - and is ready to live that understanding. The gift of this is the wisdom and the ability of the Adept, who may use these basic laws to co-create.

Much of the wisdom relating to the Fifth Dimension has been transmitted to Earth from Sirius and the Pleiades via the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, as well as the Greek and Renaissance philosophers and the Arcane Hermetic schools of Wisdom. The Wisdom School tradition was always an elitist one, aimed at holding power and authority with a select and chosen group. Since 1987 and the expansion of Harmonic Convergence, the ancient secrets of the Wisdom Schools and their access to Fifth Dimensional mastery are becoming available to all humans who choose to enter into the journey of Multi-Dimensional consciousness and Consciousness Growth - as was always intended by those who brought this wisdom to Earth.

The Sixth Dimension:
Color-Indigo Shape-Icosahedron Note-
Once the consciousness has mastered the wisdom of the Cosmos through study and practical initiation - the urge to become creative and play becomes paramount. Whereas love expressed in the Fifth Dimension expresses itself as wisdom and the power to co-create, in the Sixth Dimension it expresses itself as joyful playfulness, as the expanding consciousness begins to complete its journey home.
The Sixth Dimension is the realm of the Magical Child or the Eternal Child - a state of innocence and joy that has its foundation in "experience" or "wisdom" gained through experience. The color here is Indigo, a color long identified with a Master Consciousness, and more recently, with the exceptional and spiritual children that are being birthed on the planet today, called Indigo Children.

The shape is the Icosahedron, the shape identified with the water molecule. Water is significant since it "imprints" information, and can change shape and potency depending on circumstances. Water that has been "blessed" or meditated or prayed over holds the high level energies of that prayer in its crystalline shape. This indicates how at the 6th Dimensional level the master consciousness "imprints" thoughts and patterns into the waters/energies to manifest a high level of holographic joy and abundance. This is done with the ease and insouciance of a child.

At this level the consciousness fully appreciates the implications of the Law of One and the One and the Many. It understands that the Creator/Source is Love, and that each individual consciousness unit/entity is a portion of the Creator (the One) expressing itself as an in Individual (the Many).

Because love is what motivates the Creator - then the 6th Dimensional consciousness understands that the entire Universe is based on love, and that this love is a creative and supportive element that seeks the "highest good" of all.

The energy of love always "imprints" our intentions as creators and supports our creations, whether positive or negative. At the 6th dimension the consciousness is both self-aware and wise enough to monitor its creations and to ensure that it creates from a place of love, joy and abundance. The 6th dimensional creative energy rests in the wisdom of 5D, but encompasses the joyous certainty of the upward evolutionary spiral back to the Creator.

At this level the consciousness seeks to express its playful reality and knowledge of the sacred geometry of the Cosmos through artistic and creative endeavors - dance, music, art, poetry and other forms that echo the cosmic activities of the Creative Mind - as above so below.

Music is the art form that probably expresses in the most immediate form the essence of the concepts of Sacred Geometry: the octave, resonance, vibration, tone and harmonics. A musician and composer is of necessity a true master of the sacred geometry expressed as sound.

Light also expresses the same geometries through the Colour Wheel and the concepts of the Prism and Crystallography. The Artist who truly understands the medium of color, shape, form, and the play of light and dark is also a master of this aspect of sacred geometry.

Dance, on the other hand, combines aspects of both sound (music), color and shape through the intricate patterns of the body creating its own patterns or sacred geometries through space and time. Here the basic tool of expression is the body - creating patterns in tiem through a relationship with music, light and color.

Poetry is another creative form - where language shifts from a logical communication tool of the left brain to play with symbols and metaphors and to create new combinations and harmonics based also on rhythm. metre, resonance and combination. The Ancient Egyptians were masters of the art of metaphoric/symbolic language - even using pictographs or hieroglyphs to suggest a richly layered texture of meaning to the reader/creator. Their aim was never the one to one correspondence of meaning we venerate today as "clarity of thought", but rather a rich and generative play of possible meanings to be created by the reader according to their combined wisdom and creativity. This is similar to the "parable" technique used by the Essene master, Jesus, where a simple story generated its own multiple layer of meanings - never a simple one to one correspondence. Again, the wisdom was available to those who could play with the symbols and metaphors. As Jesus said - Let him who has ears hear-, indicating the need for a finely tuned awareness to "hear" what is being said and co-create the different levels of meaning.

The creator consciousness at this level no longer experiences fear - since separation is understood for the illusion that it truly is. The consciousness understands itself to be supported in love, and so is able to keep creating and re-creating its reality in harmony with that of the Source and in accord with evolutionary processes of the planet.

Life on Earth at this level is a constant game of creation and play - expressed at ever finer levels of expertise and awareness as the consciousness journeys into higher levels of the sixth dimension.

© 2004-5 Celia Fenn
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  • Gea, deeply honored and appreciative for your postings, as always...

    Here's a bit of simplification and refinement:

    A 3rd to 4th Dimensional shift can be looked at as a very specific Energetic transition in individuals from a Solar-Plexus centered awareness to a Heart centered awareness...the so called leap to the 4th Dimension as it is often described (and more often misinterpreted). In a physics sense, this is simply an awakening of an awareness that accepts Being out of Time, or Being All Time. Such a shift is such a huge leap for some that it takes a long time to process and integrate all the ramifications of being able to send and receive information beyond the limitations of space-time. This initiates a new cycle of unlocking the Throat, Third-Eye and Crown.

    The Throat Center or Communication Center is about recognizing the true meaning of Communication. Our relationship to all existence unfolds through the Language of Consciousness, and when we learn this Language, we begin to discover perfect patterns inherent within every "conversation." This is 5th Dimensional consciousness, recognition of Divine Will, and Communion with It.

    The Third Eye or Spiritual Center unfolds through our awareness of the Spiritual Vibration infusing all of the crystalline fabric of space-time. This awareness gives us a sense of the Song of Existence, and we suddenly Feel the flow of the Universe in its many permutations. This feeling allows us to directly relate to the Source through our own Emotional Vibration, and deepens our Trust or Faith in its Divine Love.

    The Crown or Singularity Center (as I often call it) aligns us with the complete state of Absolute Truth and Trust in everything in every Moment. This Trust goes beyond a feeling, or a confirmation externally, it is simply Known. This Knowing preceeds all feeling and manifestation, and continuously blooms further and further as we are willing to allow ourselves to dissolve in Divine Mind.

    In Truth, this is an awakening of 7th Dimensional or Celestial Consciousness, and all further Dimensional awakenings are actually facets of its Eternal Unfolding, and always relate to a higher-harmonic of one of the lower Dimensional centers.

    Aloha Ke Akua
    Blessed Be
    In Lakech

    Adam Apollo